The Self-Awareness Assessment

I love long drives because I am able to process my thoughts without interruption. While on a two-hour drive to my mom’s house, my mind was half on autopilot. I found my thoughts drifting to something weighing on me that I had not really taken the time to deal with properly. I knew I eventually had to face this problem and it meant having a conversation I was dreading.

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Lately I have been more mindful of my habits. I actually started writing down my habits as I noticed them. I put them into two lists: The first list has the habits that serve me and the second list comprises the habits that take away from me.

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Just Do It

Just start writing, I told myself as I sat at Starbucks for several minutes contemplating what I’d write this week’s Monday Motivation about. I now realize I was totally overthinking it. In the midst of an unproductive brainstorming session with myself, the thought came to me clear as day: “Just start writing.” So I did, and here I am writing this week’s Monday Motivation, with little or no clarity on what I will write about. That, alone, was the hindrance keeping me from starting to write. What I mean by that is the not knowing, the lack of certainty and lack of clarity were preventing me from beginning.

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