Getting Balanced the Hard Way…

Yesterday in yoga class I was working really hard on holding a difficult pose. I was focused and felt like I had it. I thought I could hold this pose for awhile and then the instructor reminded us to drop our heads. “Drop my head, I can't do that." I could not drop my head without loosing my balance and potentially falling over. I then noticed that the way I was holding my head, in my effort of sustaining the pose, was actually putting strain and stress on my neck and shoulders. I knew I really needed to drop my head to find my true balance and get the most out of the pose.

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“Be present now, while holding a vision for the future.”

We live in a cute 1,000-square-feet, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. It’s basically the same size home as I was raised in. Being that we are a family of four with two cats and a dog, it wasn’t too long after we moved in that I was making plans for us all to move out, into a more spacious home, specifically a home with two bathrooms. Due to our financial goals, however, the timing hasn’t been right. This waiting period has been a great opportunity for me to develop some character: patience and appreciation, to be specific.

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Book Ends

We all have habits, some are great, fueling us to accomplish our goals and some are not so great, hindering or compromising our ability to get and have what we want in our lives. I’ve been listening to a great audiobook called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and he talks about how our habits impact us. Oftentimes it’s the little habits or routines that can make the greatest impact on our overall results.

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