Is this really going to make me happy?

We all have goals and desires, things we want to improve in our lives. Some things are easier to change than others. For the areas that are more difficult to change, sustaining motivation can be a challenge. Heck, finding motivation can be difficult. I’m talking about those areas where we know what to do, but for reasons beyond our understanding we just can’t seem to take consistent action. For areas like this, will power and determination just doesn’t work. It only creates frustration and disappointment. There is another way I have found that works wonders.

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Are you on the easy route?

There is an easy route to everything, and the easy route typically doesn’t feel very easy in the beginning. In fact, the easy route is often masked as “hard.” That mask can be very convincing and very deceiving. It literally tricks us into believing that it is hard.

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What are you looking for?

Whatever you look for, you will find, so be deliberate in what you look for. There are plenty of examples I can share with you on how what we look for impacts our results. I could use examples in business or in real estate, but I am going to use an example that matters most to me.

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