Storm Series: Do you see the signs?

The warning signs that a storm is coming usually trickle in as small disruptions, and often go unnoticed. When we do pay attention,we are able to sense that “knowing” that tugs at us, telling us that this could escalate into something bigger. We usually ignore the signs, hoping it will go away. We basically avoid the situation.

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Storm Series: What stage are you in?

Much of our life is spent heading into a storm, being in the eye of a storm, or leaving a storm. I’m certain you’ve experienced your own storms in life and can relate to this topic. Some storms are big enough to rip the roof off our homes, while other storms are small, insignificant clouds that pass before the day ends. Whether the storm comes in the form of a death, heartbreak, job loss, or not making the basketball team, storms have a way of getting our attention and they always have a purpose.

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