Are you in the mully grubs?

Do you ever get down in the mully grubs or have periods of time when you simply are not motivated, you just feel down and don’t feel like doing anything productive all? I never do, but I have this friend who does. (wink, wink) Of course I do…I am human and if you are human too, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

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A new love

There’s nothing like a new love. You know what I mean? When you fall in love with someone or something and it’s all fresh and new? It can happen when you go and visit another country and you “fall in love with the people” or you “fall in love with the food.” It can happen when you learn a new language. It can happen, in the most common reference to love, when you meet someone new.

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How full is your bucket?

Every thing we do has the potential to move us TOWARD or AWAY our deepest desires. Over the last few weeks I’ve been delivering a workshop to a large organization in the healthcare industry and in doing so, it has awakened me to how much impact each moment is having on me and my overall happiness.

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