Welcome to Volition 2.0!

I am sending you this message with great excitement, driven by a clear vision and deep conviction. This is our first issue of the monthly Volition Insight. Volition Insight is in some ways a dream come true. It’s a baby step towards a dream and the mission to kill ignorance.

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What is the test? What is the lesson?

After a speaking engagement, well over a year ago, a gentleman approached me to give me his compliments on my message and delivery. We got to talking about life and learning and he shared with me something he had taught his children. He said that in school we are taught lessons, so that we can take a test, but in life it’s the opposite. We are given tests, so that we can be taught lessons. What an insightful perspective shift!

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New growth

Newness is happening all around us, every day. New life, new growth, new opportunity, new possibility is there. Do you see it?. A dash of newness to any situation can bring the very hope and energy needed to turn a ship around.

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