Our Story

Volition Inc. is a global leader in cultivating alignment between leadership and staff. Through our coaching and training services we empower executives, leaders, and employees to find choice in every situation and ultimately achieve organizational goals. Corry Ann Mendoza, founder of Volition, started this company to spread the concept of choice and leadership on a global scale. By closing the gap between high level executives and staff, we are creating better balance in the workplace.

“We inspire our clients, at all levels in an organization, to embrace the current results, own their contribution, and to find choice to create positive change. Simply put, we inspire team  & organizational growth.”

–Volition Founder, Corry Ann Mendoza

Volition’s mission is to empower professionals and leaders to find choice in every situation, make courageous decisions, and take inspired action. You ALWAYS have a choice!

We believe in giving our clients effective problem solving tools they can implement immediately, restoring worth between the team and their leaders, and getting each client to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

To our clients: We at Volition promise to focus on personal responsibility of productive thinking and intentional action in order to make a lasting impact on your life. We do not offer canned concepts, but rather personally tested applications that have shaped our individual lives as well. You can count on us for simple tools to make your connections more meaningful and we will always offer you a system of solutions and educational support to allow you to become a more effective and inspiring leader, regardless of title and job duties.