A Moment of Recognition

On Saturday afternoon, as I was finishing up some to-do’s, I realized that I had been focused and in the zone, busting through one to-do after another. I felt extremely productive and was now complete, ready and excited about the rest of my day. The kids and I were going to make an ice cream and Barnes and Noble run. Then my cousin Sara was going to come over to hang out and watch movies.

The combined sense of productivity and accomplishment sparked my curiosity, “What all did I get done?”

Rather than rushing off to my plans, I decided to take a quick moment and make a list of all the things I got done. The list was really long. It was filled with to-do’s such as:

  • Cleaned out my wallet
  • Organized my desk
  • Caught up on e-mails
  • Sorted our mail for the week
  • Returned calls
  • Put away laundry

As I was writing, I started thinking about the other things I accomplished that weren’t on my to-do list, things that actually mattered more to me, such as:

  • Spent quality time with Stephen before he left for his hike
  • Cuddled with Jayden before anyone else woke up
  • Made Skylar and her friend breakfast & sat down and talked with them while they ate
  • Used wisdom instead of arguing with the Jayden when he got mad about picking up his mess
  • Had an aha to model the type of behavior I want the kids to have, instead of lecturing them

By taking a moment to recognize all that I had accomplished, both on and off my to-do list, my sense of appreciation for myself increased. The rest of the day I felt more confident, purposeful and productive. I did it again the next night before bed and it was just as effective. I’ve decided to begin a little habit of noticing and recognizing myself daily for all that I accomplish.

We really do need to recognize ourselves more. We are all typically our own worst critic, making note of our mistakes and reminding ourselves of what we need to do next. Imagine what would happen if shifted our focus off of our weaknesses and onto our progress? Imagine what it would be like to acknowledge our successes, as a way to keep the momentum going?

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to take a moment and recognize yourself for all that you have accomplished.

Try it right now. Make a quick list of everything you have achieved today, big or small. This recognition is for you and nobody else, so no item is too small for your personal recognition list. Notice what it does for you to give yourself the pat on the back.

Now, make it a habit every day to acknowledge yourself for every step, every progress and every success you achieve. Have a great week!!!

Corry Ann March