Monday Motivation with Corry and Steve! 
Today, they discuss ABUNDANCE. 

Steve Heard has been serving Folsom and Greater Sacramento Area since 2002. A Bay Area transplant, he fell in love with the region, so much so that he switched careers to help others discover it. You can find Steve volunteering for community events such as the Folsom Pro Rodeo, Folsom LIVE! music festival, and many Chamber of Commerce events. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and serves as an Ambassador, he is a former Arts Commissioner, former Treasurer for the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership, and graduated from the Folsom Leadership Academy. When not working and volunteering, he enjoys jogging, walking or biking Folsom’s many miles of nature trails, including the recently completed Johnny Cash Trail. All of this adds up to Steve knowing Folsom and it’s market very well, and he uses his knowledge to help guide buyers through the homebuying process and helps them write winning offers on their homes. You can contact Steve at

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

Wayne Dyer


Abundance is a mindset. It is not simply what we have. It is how we see. With an abundant mindset we see and feel that we have more than enough, regardless of our external circumstances. That outlook creates freedom, free from worry and stress. It is a place of knowing that all needs are met. Abundant thinking sees overflow and creates a natural sense of generosity. 

With scarcity on the other hand, there is a feeling of lack, need, want, and not enough. Scarcity creates a “barely get by, survival” mentality. A scarcity mindset will cause you to want to hold onto things. It is difficult to share, with emotions of scarcity, because of the concern for oneself. Thoughts of, “It’s mine. I need.” are present. A key indicator of scarcity is fear; fear that someone or something will take what you have or that you will lose it. 

Abundance cannot be present in scarcity and scarcity cannot be present in abundance, so, which would you prefer, abundance or scarcity? I’m guessing you are like me and prefer abundance. So, how do we create an abundant mindset, when lack is present? Well, it is a choice. Make the decision to develop a mindset of abundance and begin to take action from that place. From there, you will create more than enough. You will attract more than enough. 

I have experienced this in an extremely challenging area, my children. Since my divorce, I have had to “share” my children. In the beginning I was overwhelmed with emotions of scarcity, wanting them every chance I could. I battled thoughts and emotions of not having enough time with them and not having enough influence on them. I battled scarcity in just about every area you could imagine. This scarcity consumed me. I eventually became exhausted from my scarcity mindset and surrendered to abundance. That choice eventually created the abundance  I longed for. 

You can develop the abundance you long for, in whatever area you may be experiencing scarcity, by simply choosing. Decide today to see your situation with abundance, more than enough time, more than enough money, more than enough attention, more than enough love. Watch your mindset and actions create abundance and joy. 

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