Accountability of the Mind

avoidenceGetting on a scale can be a dreadful task. Many avoid the scale like the plague, but getting on the scale gives us something, something we all need if we want to create positive change – accountability. It gives us feedback on the impact of our choices, which empowers us to make be better choices going forward.

Just like a scale can provide accountability for our physical health, our emotions can provide accountability for the health of our minds. Our weight reflects our diet and exercise choices. Our mood reflects our thought choices.

emo vocabTest it out now. I’ll provide you a simple tool to “get on the scale.” Use this Emotional Vocabulary list to identify how you feel.

  1. Which emotion(s)  are you feeling?
  2. Now, make a list of all the thoughts going through your mind.

See what I mean? If you are feeling happy, chances are you are thinking happy thoughts. If you are feeling anxious, chances are you are thinking anxious thoughts.

So now what? Now that we have a “scale” a way to see the impact of our thoughts, we can decide what we want to do from here. If we are content with our mood and we like the way we feel, let’s keep thinking the way we are thinking. If we are dissatisfied with the way we feel or maybe those around us have voiced up about a negative impact of our mood, it may be time to improve our thinking.

Improving our thinking is not easy. It can be much harder than improving our diet and exercise habits. I say this from experience. I started this year off with one goal, to develop a more positive mindset. I’ve use this scripture to guide me in HOW to improve my mindset. “We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corin 10:5b) You don’t have to be a Christian or even religious to gain insight from this scripture. The guidance is that we take full responsibility over our thoughts. We take ownership of our ability and authority to choose our thoughts. We don’t have to be a slave to negative thinking. We can choose positive and useful thinking. We have authority over our minds when we do this.

puppetToo many people feel powerless to their emotions. They get enveloped and overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, stress, anger, or depression. I was not aware that  I did too. It wasn’t until I made this goal to develop a more positive mindset and began the habit of taking captive every thought, that I saw the condition of my thinking. It wasn’t pretty. It was was worse than I thought and  I didn’t like what I saw. My mind was filled with so many anxious and fearful thoughts. To my surprise, I discovered that I lived each day in an anxious mood. It was my norm. With this new awareness I was more determined that ever to change this.

I had dabbled on improving my mindset and mood over the years. I’ve known and practiced the power of positive thinking, along with affirmations. I had gained a lot from that, but I needed to take this to a whole new level. So, over the last six months I got aggressive with conquering my thinking and for the first time ever. I know what it feels like to live without anxiety and fear. Most days I live with a great mood and a positive outlook, regardless of my circumstances. Sure a thought of fear or anxiety pops up, but I know what to do with it. I recognize it immediately and know that it is not normal for me anymore. I zap it with a better thought – one of hope and of inspiration.

There’s no room for passivity if we want our normal mood to be positive and peaceful. We’ve got to get on that scale by taking notice of our feelings and using those feeling to reflect to us our thought – life. As soon as we spot a negative thought, we’ve got to uproot it and replace it with a positive one, one thought at a time.

Journaling is my exercise and exposing myself to positive and uplifting people and messages is my diet. What’s yours? Share with me any great practices you have to keep accountability of the mind.

Let’s all remember, negative thoughts will always create negative emotions, and positive thoughts will always create positive emotions! The good news is, we have the power to choose! Have a great week!

With Love and Volition,