Another Dream Comes True

How do dreams come true? They start as a seed, as a thought. Then they are nurtured through vision. Finally they grow with action into reality.

Several years ago, I went to a workshop held by my first coach, Kathy Courtney. On the first night of the workshop she gave us a homework assignment that sounded fairly easy. The assignment was to make a list of 100 things we want to do before we die (our bucket list). The next morning, as we each shared our experience in completing the assignment, I learned I was not alone. Coming up 100 things was a challenge and revealed a process that took us much deeper to our purpose and to our heart’s true desires. Sad to say, much of the class didn’t finish the assignment. They didn’t push through when they ran out of things.

In my effort to get to 100, one of the things I listed was to write and publish a book. When I wrote down that goal, I really didn’t have a vision for a book or a reason why I wanted to write it. It may have even been a placeholder to get to 100. However, look at what has happened now! I did in fact write and publish a book, and that book came from my heart and had a great purpose. It all started with a fleeting thought that I decided to write down.

So, why am I sharing this with you? I’m sharing this with you because I am curious, what dreams are sitting dormant on the inside of you? What dreams could possibly come into existence, if you were to embrace them, if you were to create them? Take some time right now and make your list of 100 things you will do before you die. See what comes up.

Our lives are precious. They are so unique. There is only 1 of you, so whatever dreams you have on the inside will only be materialized by you embracing them and taking action on them. Dreaming is powerful. Dreaming creates. Dare to dream and watch your dreams come true.