Are you asking the right questions?

right questionOur mind is like a Google search engine. Whatever we ask it to find, it will find.

This can be a great thing and it can also be a detrimental thing.

If we wonder, “What would it take for me to buy a vacation home?” Our mind, just like Google, will go to work, searching and seeking the answers to that question. We will begin to come up with ways, solutions, and innovative ideas on how we can buy a vacation home. Likewise, if we question, “Why can’t I lose this last five pounds?” Again, our mind will go to work and will find all the reasons why we cannot lose that last five pounds, reinforcing our status quo.

We must be awake to the questions we ask ourselves and choose empowering questions, questions that uncover the answers we need, not the excuses we don’t.

It’s amazing how a minor tweak in how we wonder, can have a significant impact. Automatic wonder, is often rooted in fear and doubt. Directed wonder, on the contrary, can open up possibility, shifting us from being focused on the limitations, to being focused on the opportunities.  But it is a matter of us asking the right question.

The greatest minds on the planet, both past and present, have understood the power of a question. Albert Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

So, what is the proper question?

The proper question has certain qualities about it. For starters it is rooted in possibility, not limitation. “What if” questions are great for that. Einstein asked, “What if I rode a beam of light across the universe?” We can use “what if” questions to open our minds to creativity toward solving any one of our problems.

“What would it take?” is another great question, rooted in assumption that it is possible, which breaks through the limiting beliefs that would otherwise hold us back from seeing opportunity.

Asking the right question is all about searching for solutions, rather than excuses.

This week, I am going to be working  on this. Anytime I encounter a roadblock or barrier, I am going to deliberately imagine typing in the right question into the Google search engine of my mind. I know, solutions don’t happen on accident. I must ask the right question to get to the proper solution.

Try it out with me this week. No matter what obstacle you face or what barrier you come up against, do not ask limiting questions that search out excuses and reasons for remaining stuck. Instead, direct your mind to search for possibility. Wake up your wonder with curious questions.

Practice with, “What if?”

  • What if this works out?
  • What if this disappointment shifts my life in a better direction than I could ever imagine?
  • What if this loss was just what I needed to grow to new levels?

Practice with “What would it take?”

  • What would it take to start my dream business?
  • What would it take to get that promotion?
  • What would it take to overcome the conflicts on our team?

Ask the right questions and don’t worry about the answers. Remember, your mind is like a google search engine. You type in the question and get on with your day. Your mind will be at work, in the background, searching, identifying and bringing to your attention the answers and the solutions. Just be sure you are asking the right questions, questions that work towards your desired outcome, not your worst fears.

Make it a great week by asking the right questions! I’ll be focusing on this and I hope you will too!

With Love and Volition,