Are you at your best?

Every day we have the capability to do our BEST…OR not. It takes a conscious decision to strive to be at our BEST because the path of least resistance tends to pull us towards our comfort zone, towards mediocrity and the status quo.

You, and only you, know whether you are showing up at your BEST or not. When times are tough, our BEST may not look so hot to others, but inside we always know whether we are doing our BEST or not.

Today, I have one simple message- do your BEST. Whatever your hand finds to do today, do it with all your heart and all your capabilities. When you are talking to someone, be present with them, give them your undivided attention. Just be at your BEST.

Doing my BEST is how I get through the tough times. Doing my BEST is how I overcome disappointment, failure, heartbreak, loneliness, and any other challenge that tries to stop me from making a difference. So, no matter where you are, what you are faced with, you CAN do your BEST and so can I. It doesn’t matter if you or I are in a funk, going through a hardship, or a time of lack, we can still do our BEST for today!

When we strive to be our best, it is contagious. Those around us will do the same and together we will all rise higher and higher!

Let’s make this our BEST week yet!

With Love and Volition,

Corry Ann March