Are you on the easy route?

There is an easy route to everything, and the easy route typically doesn’t feel very easy in the beginning. In fact, the easy route is often masked as “hard.” That mask can be very convincing and very deceiving. It literally tricks us into believing that it is hard.

Have you ever said, “It’s so hard to find the time to exercise.” Or have you heard someone say, “It’s so hard to avoid sweets.” Seems hard now, but having high blood pressure or diabetes in the future will be much harder. The problem is we are too often thinking about right here, right now. The convenient path of least resistance keeps us steadily moving towards what will ultimately be hard without us even realizing it. It’s not usually realized until it is too late.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You and I are both pausing right now to consider this. This pause, this moment of consideration, is key in keeping perspective. It disrupts our human nature to avoid discomfort because we are alert and engaged with our contributions to our future.

Financial planners and advisors educate us about investing for our future financially. Doctors and health professionals give us advice on how to stay healthy as we age. Today I’d like us to consider what it will take to become the person we desire to be, so that we can enjoy our tomorrow.

What character would you like to build so that you can have peace of mind and happiness? What virtues are important to you to obtain?

Patience, wisdom, generosity, humility, forgiveness?

I ask myself these questions:

“Was I truly honest in that moment? Am I living in alignment with my values and priorities? Did I use my courage? Did I respond with honesty and sincerity? How can I be more open and generous? Am I loving unconditionally and giving with compassion? Who do I need to forgive? Where do I need to surrender? Can I overlook this offense or do I want to keep a tab? Will I resist this temptation to gossip?”

These are the hard questions that keep me on the easy path. In the moment of offense, it is very hard to forgive, but I know how this works. What is hard at first becomes easy in the end.

I encourage you now, ask yourself those questions. Be sure to stay on the easy path, no matter how hard it seems at first. It is totally worth it in the end! Don’t get distracted by convenience. Convenience is temporary.

Have a great week and enjoy the journey on the easy route!!!

Corry Ann March