Are you willing?

“It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how could a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree. These must come from the medium or environment within which the tree grows. But the seed does provide something that is crucial: a place where the whole of the tree starts to form. As resources such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organizes the process that generates growth. In a sense, the seed is a gateway through which the future possibility of the living tree emerges.”

When I read this paragraph in the book Presence my mind was captivated and my heart was provoked.

The two things that stood out to me and continue to speak to me today are:

  1. Seeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree.
  2. But the seed does provide something that is crucial: a place where the whole of the tree starts to form.

That first part, that seeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree, reminds me of the fact that nobody succeeds alone. We need each other. Connection, collaboration, and teamwork are necessary for any great thing to occur. For us to grow and reach our full potential, as a unique individual, we must be open to receive from others, open to receive input, help, resources etc… To receive takes courage and it may require the removal of some obstacles and barriers getting in our way.

Last week I shared how I have felt alone much of the time and how that loneliness comes from an isolation that I had created, due to a lack of trust in others, which ultimately was a lack of trust in myself. While I have valid reasons for this lack of trust, those reasons keep the barriers in place, limiting me from receiving from others. In recognizing my barriers, I had a choice. Remain the same or change. I chose to change. That decision has allowed me to see additional obstacles getting in my way. Insecurities and defensiveness were two barriers I had to overcome and am still overcoming now. Just acknowledging these obstacles and embracing the changes I must make, has opened up my ability to connect and receive from others. I am getting better and better about letting in the “water” and the “nutrients” from my environment and from others, so that I can grow, just like a seed.

What are the obstacles or barriers getting in the way of your ability to let in your “water and sun”? Maybe it isn’t insecurities or defensiveness like it was for me. Maybe it is your criticism, judgements, of those around you. Or maybe it is something else. Maybe you don’t have any barriers and you connect and receive well from others.? Maybe you are great at this. If that is true, I invite you to post a comment below sharing how you do it, so that others can learn from you.

The second part that stood out to me- that the seed provides the place where the whole of the tree starts to form- reminds me of how simple it is for us to be of value, reaching our full potential. I believe that each of us is a vessel and we just need to be WILLING to be utilized for something great.

The qualification is the WILLINGNESS. Our talent, ability, or experience, alone, does not qualify us. We must be willing. Therefore, we can never use our limitations as an excuse.

When I think about the great leaders in history, many of them were “below average.” Many of them had limitations that should have and could have prevented them from being anybody special. There are always going to be others, more qualified, more able than us, but it takes a WILLINGNESS to be “used” to create positive change.

Here are a few examples:

  • Strike him down with infantile paralysis, and you have Franklin Roosevelt.
  • Burn him so severely that the doctors say he’ll never walk again, and you have Glenn Cunningham- who set the world’s one-mile record in 1934.
  • Deafen him and you have Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Have him born black in a society filled with racial discrimination, lock him away and you have Nelson Mandela.
  • Call him a slow learning, “retarded,” and write him off as uneducable and you have Albert Einstein.

So, what’s your circumstance and what’s your AND YOU HAVE…??? Our circumstance and our past does not define us, it prepares us to be and do something great- IF WE ARE WILLING.

Are you willing? I know I am. I trust that I need no further qualifications to grow and to become greater and greater. I am great now because I am willing to be of value. I am willing to receive the help from others and from my environment, so that I can make a positive impact on our world and it starts in my little world.

Alone we can do little. Together we can do the impossible. Let’s receive from others and be willing to make a difference today.

I hope this message wakes something up on the inside of you. I hope that you embrace to an even greater degree the power and value others bring to your life. I hope you recognize the fact that you have everything needed to step into your full potential and make a positive impact in your world, in our world TODAY!

This is going to be our best week of the year…so far! Let’s create that together!!!

With Love and Volition,