Corry and Kristen discuss BELIEFS! Join in on their conversation.

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“This is how humans are: we question all our beliefs, except for the ones we really believe, and those we never think to question.”

~ Orson Scott Card

A belief is any story we hold as true, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes our beliefs are accurate and sometimes they are not. Regardless of their accuracy, we hold them as factual. Our beliefs create our emotions. Our emotions develop into moods and attitudes. And our moods and attitudes influence our decisions and our actions. 

Ultimately, beliefs create our reality. 

Where do our beliefs come from? Though others can influence us, outside influences do not create our beliefs. We create our beliefs by the thoughts we have about our experiences. This is why beliefs can vary greatly from person to person. There could be a dozen people in the same location, at the same time, involved with the same occurrence and you will hear 12 different stories, 12 different experiences. Whose story is accurate? Each person holds their own story as true, so it’s subjective. 

So, what do we do with our beliefs to ensure they are true and that they are working for us? We question them. We challenge them. Recognize a belief you are holding right now about your current situation. Write it down and then ask yourself, “Is that belief true? Is it a fact or what else could possibly be true?” By simply questioning our beliefs, we open up our ability to entertain other possible truths and this willingness creates an open mindset which is needed for growth. Choose today to create an open mindset, necessary for growth by questioning your beliefs. When you do this, possibilities are created and growth is certain. 

Don’t get stuck in your current belief system, grow out of it and into beliefs that support your goals and dreams.

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