On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Capability with Ray Weaver.

Ray Weaver is a father, husband, and grandfather. He has worn many hats in his life and currently serves as a consultant and coach for emerging leaders in the Public Sector.

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“Treat people as if they are what they ought to be, and you can help them become what they are capable of becoming.”

Johann von Goethe


Throughout my life, I have often found myself consumed with worry and concern over a loved one or friend. I have often jumped in to offer help and advice, only to exhaust my mental, emotional, or tangible resources. What I have learned and experienced, again and again, is the truth that people are CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL, and ABLE to solve their own problems. They are honestly better and more capable of resolving their problems than I or anyone else. 

Unfortunately, we don’t always see others, especially those we are closest to, in their full potential. It is evident when we worry about them or feel the need to jump in and “help.” When our thoughts around our loved ones start with, “he should, she needs to…” you can rest assured that those thoughts are not coming from our great wisdom and desire to help, they are coming from our belief that the other person is incapable or that we know better. These thoughts and beliefs come from our judgments. One definition of the word judgment is “an opinion or an estimate based on observation.” 

So, you can see how easy it is for us to observe someone’s situation and go down the Judgment Path if we are unaware of the value in going down the Believe the Best in Others Path. So, why believe the best in others? Why believe that others are CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL, and WHOLE? Because it empowers that person instead of limiting them. When we believe and expect the best in others, they rise to the occasion. When we have confidence in their abilities, we give them the necessary space to tap into their resourcefulness instead of jumping in to fix it, which robs them of their opportunity to grow and ultimately build up their self-confidence. After all, resourcefulness and creativity are birthed in times of lack and need. 

Try it this week. EXPECT THE BEST IN OTHERS. SEE THEM AS CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL, AND WHOLE. Do this in both your thoughts and actions and watch those around you unfold their true potential. This is a gift to them. It is a gift to you.

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