Change your perspective, change your experience

sharkThis past week I heard on the radio that C.S. Lewis wrote most of his books during World War I & World War II. That statement instantly snagged my attention and for the next few hours, it was all I could think about.

I admire C.S. Lewis. I value his writing, his books, his publications and to think that his works were conceived, developed and produced during two world wars opened up my eyes, shifted my perspective and changed my experience about the war that I am currently in.

I have been in a war and the entire time I have been wondering, “When will this end? How long will this go on?”

I have been believing, “Once this is over, I can be freed up to go and do my great works.” I have been believing that the works I do now are not up to par because they are being produced in the midst of a war and that once the war is over, I can really get to work.

Those types of beliefs create a sort of “purgatory” experience, a waiting experience, an experience that certainly does not feel good. It is a surviving experience.

So, when I heard what I shared above about C.S. Lewis, my perspective on my situation changed and since then, my experience has changed.

I now see my war zone as the necessary environment for me to grow and produce.

You see, there are some things that can only be created in the places that nobody wants to go- in the valleys, in the grief, in the death, in the loss, in the betrayal, in the unfair situations. It is because of these places, not despite them, that we can produce something great.

So, what war are you in? What is the unfair situation you want to end? What are you producing there and what is possible in that unfortunate place?

I know what war I am in, and the questions I will now ponder are, “What am I producing? What can I produce from here? What is possible in this place that would be impossible anywhere else?” 

Let’s all remember what  C.S. Lewis created during not one, but two world wars. Let’s all remember that when we change our perspective of the things we wish away, we change our experience.

Lets produce something positive, even in the most negative of most dreaded or negative environments!

We can do this!

With Love and Volition,