On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Change with Rose West

Rose West is a wife, mom of two girls, yoga instructor (specializing in Buti yoga), business owner, health and fitness enthusiast, and lover of good food and tacos!

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“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

E.M. Forster, British Writer


Most people do not invite change. In fact, most people resist change. One reason for this is discomfort. Any change, even change for good, is uncomfortable. One way that we must invite and accept change is through letting go. I love the above quote by E.M. Forster. Too often we’re holding on so tightly to something in our minds that we miss what we have in our hands. Yes, we form our plans, and we work towards achieving our goals, but we must be ready and willing to let those plans go for the greater good. Don’t get stuck in determination.

In recent days, I have found myself transitioning from a place of force and domination to a place of power and presence. When I reflect on my life, I can clearly see the difference. I am grateful that I had such a drive to accomplish and overcome, and I am even more grateful now to be experiencing my drive in a whole new light, coming from a place of patience and with a solid knowing that allows for acceptance. This is a change for me.

I am 32 years old and if I could sum up the main lesson I have learned so far, the lesson is patience. Patience is power. Patience is strength. Patience is the change I have finally received. I can remember when I first started realizing that I needed to develop patience. I would feel dread and resistance, not wanting to have to develop patience. I wanted to go, go, go and get, get, get. I felt that if I was to have what I wanted, I must go and get it. That way of thinking produced a lot for me. Some of it was great, some of it was heartache. It was certainly exhausting and finally brought me to this wonderful place of surrender.

I look back in great appreciation at the most difficult and most challenging experiences and know those experiences aided me in my ability to change. I encourage you today, whatever change is needed in your heart and in your life, though it may be uncomfortable, accept it. Change is necessary for growth. Lou Holtz has been quoted “you’re either growing or dying–’maintaining’ doesn’t count.” So, which would you prefer? I am certain you will choose growth and therefore, embrace change. Allow change in your heart and mind and watch your beauty unfold.

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