On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses CREATIVITY with Debbie Nereson.

Debbie Nereson is a Talent Development Consultant with Sutter Health University at Sutter Health. She has spent the last 17 years designing and delivering engaging leadership programs for Health Care organizations. She received her Master of Arts in Communication Studies from Chico State University, where her main area of focus was leadership and motivation. She also teaches public speaking and small group communication courses at Sierra College. Debbie lives in Roseville with her husband and two very active boys, ages 15 and 12. In addition, she enjoys spending quality time with friends, hiking, reading, listening to podcasts, and exercising on her Peloton.

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“But out of limitations comes creativity.”

Debbie Allen


Creativity is born in an environment of obstacles. Without problems, there is no demand for creativity. Think of what creativity does. Creativity transforms, it reinvents, it re-purposes and improves.

Life is a certain way, and then creativity comes in and increases it. Obstacles and change open the door for creativity. However, to tap into it, you must be willing and open. To be willing and open, you must see those obstacles as opportunities and inspiration to create.

One myth about creativity is that some people are creative and others are not. This is simply not true. We are all creative beyond measure. This myth is often created from the misperception that creativity is expressed only through the arts, the obvious vehicles of music, writing, dance, etc. Those expressions are just a few of the endless ways to tap into creativity. There is potential for creativity in ANYTHING — creativity with numbers, organizing, ideas, systems, computer programs, sports, and much more. Creative expression is endless in variety.

What is your creative ability? What is your creative outlet? You have many, I’m sure. Whatever creative expressions you have, know this, they are one of a kind, and they will grow when you use them. So, when problems show up, look at those problems as the stage for your creativity to perform. Most of the world’s greatest inventions were created because of a problem. My husband is a songwriter, and when he accidentally hit the wrong chord, it inadvertently created some of his best songs.

What have wrong chords been struck in your life? What new song will you write? I encourage you today to respond to obstructions and obstacles with creativity and serve the world something new.

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