Do you have a generational mindset?

Consider the areas in your life that matter most. It may be your children, your family, your work, your happiness, your health, your purpose. Now ask yourself, “Do I think about and plan for these areas based upon my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or for my lifetime needs and desires?”

I was at a women’s conference last weekend and one of the speakers spoke about “Developing a Millionaire Mindset.” I was already familiar with and in agreement on the concept of how our mindset puts us in our current financial state.

The speaker described the mindset of each class.

  • The very poor think about and plan for daily or weekly survival.
  • The poor think about and plan for monthly survival.
  • The middle class think about and plan for yearly survival.
  • The rich think about and plan for decades.
  • The very rich think about and plan for their entire life and generations to come.

I started thinking about where I am with my mindset and where I want to be. I want to have is a very rich mindset, but not just about money. I want a very rich mindset about the areas in my life that matter most- my marriage, my children and my health. The sad truth is that there are very rich people that have a very poor mindset in the other areas of their life. Poverty isn’t limited to finances, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We really can have it all. We can be rich in wealth, health, love and more. With the same type of thinking that allows us to become prosperous with money, we can create prosperity in other areas too.

By simply taking time to think about and plan for our life time and the generations to come, we can become very rich. We can develop a generational mindset in any area we choose.

As I became more aware of my mindset, I realized how much of my thinking and planning for those areas that matter most were in terms of days, weeks, and months. I have since begun to think about and plan for future decades, my lifetime, and the generations after me. This generational perspective has given me more fuel to keep my priorities positioned at the top, not muddled amongst the demands of the daily, weekly and monthly survival needs.

I encourage you today to step into your generational perspective and think like the very rich in terms of your lifetime and the generations to come, but not just about money. Consider each and every area that matters most to you. I am certain you will create abundant prosperity in whatever area you choose- your finances, your relationships, and your health.

Enjoy the vision and the plans you create from your generational mindset!

Corry Ann March