Do you hear the birds?

Last week I was away at a leadership retreat. I got home yesterday evening and I am still processing all that I experienced over the last six days.

This experience has made it very clear to me how unsuitably I have used the phrase “life changing” in the past. More appropriately, I do describe this experience as life changing and I am wanting to share so much of it with you! There will be many Monday Motivation messages to come from this, and today I wanted to share with you one little moment that had a big impact on me.

Every morning at the retreat we would begin our day with a morning routine that consisted of a few different parts. One of those parts was a simple ten minute outdoor meditation. We could sit, stand, lay, or walk anywhere outside as long as we were silent. On this one particular morning I felt compelled to sit in one of the garden areas, close my eyes and just listen. I sat there totally still, relaxed and fully present, breathing in every sound my ears could absorb. I was able to hear so many sounds that are normally drown out by thoughts and busyness. I was so calm with my full attention purely on listening.

I don’t know if you have ever done that before. Whether you have or not, it is a worthwhile thing to do on a daily basis.

As I sat there, in such a peaceful state, I was able to hear the wind brush against my body, the sounds of my hair blowing with the wind, tree leaves nestling together, birds chirping, cars swooshing, insects buzzing. The longer I sat there the more I heard, not just with my ears, but eventually with my heart.

My heart drew me to listen to the many sounds from the birds. As I honed in on their chirping, I could feel the dancing patterns of connection between them, so many distinctive sounds. It was absolutely magnificent, astonishing, soothing, and beautiful.

The more I embraced their sounds, the more I heard. As I did this, I felt my heart begin to relax, then soften, and then melt. It is really hard to explain, but I basically found a peace and felt a sense of surrender that I have never felt before. There were some tears…and what I mean by “some” I mean many.

I let go of a lot of things that I didn’t even know where there, hardening my heart and weighing it down. Things that have been holding me back and getting in my way of me living my life with true courage. When I got up from those ten minutes of solitude I was not the same woman that sat down.

Who would have thought that listening to birds chirping, something so free and readily accessible, could speak to my heart in such a way? All I had to do was listen, to give my attention over to what was right there available to me?

So, what is right there, available to you that may seem small, but has the capacity to have a big impact on your heart? Are you willing to be still for a few minutes and listen? Will you listen with your ears and also with your heart? I know that you can and I trust that you will. I expect to hear about what you create this week by doing this. Please let me know. I love to hear from you! You inspire me when you share your experiences with me.

Take a few minutes NOW to simply sit still and listen. Notice what you hear with your ears and have the courage to embrace what you hear with your heart.

From my heart to yours, please allow this to be your best heart opening week yet!

With love and volition,

Corry Ann March