On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Effort with James Mendoza

James Mendoza is the friend you want by your side when you need encouragement, inspiration or simply to have fun. He is a 7th grader and lives in Northern Ca where he spends his days practicing baseball, playing video games and spending time with his friends and family. As a Little League Allstar and travel ball player, James understands the importance of diligence, positive thinking, and the power of team spirit. Since a young age James has been known to encourage and inspire others with his words and affection. It is a great gift to have James on our show! Please grab a pen and paper for notes. You are going to want to write down some of the gems of thought that he has to share!

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“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

~ T.S. Elliot


Half way through a yoga class, I was exhausted, fully exerted. I had been giving it my all from the very start and we were in a particularly difficult pose, when the instructor asked that we go into a handstand.  Almost instantly I resolved to hold the pose I was in, instead of trying to go into the handstand. I already knew what my limits were. Knowing that I am not able to do a handstand fully rested, there would be no way I could do one when my upper body was already exhausted and weak.

As I waited while others worked on their handstands I thought to myself, “How do you know you can’t do one? When was the last time you tried?” I couldn’t remember the last time I tried and thought, “I guess I won’t know until I try.” So, I tried. I attempted to get up on a handstand about 5 or 6 times. In my attempts, I surprised myself. I wasn’t able to get all the way up but I got pretty close; closer than I thought possible.

That surprise produced in me excitement and a sense of conquering. I felt proud of myself for trying. That one physical act of pushing myself and testing my limits in the middle of a yoga class, in what seemed to be a typical routine in my week, had a great impact on me. It provoked more thinking in me. I began to consider what other areas in my life do I hold back on? Where am I simply not trying dueto a belief that I can’t? What other areas have I been sitting back and limiting myself?

Now, what about you? Where are you holding back? Where in your life can you attempt something that you see as impossible? When’s the last time you tested your limits? A key indicator for whether or not you are stretching yourself is: how often do you surprise yourself? If you are testing your limits, you are learning, growing and undoubtedly surprising yourself. It doesn’t have to be a physicalaction. It could be in another area. Maybe there’s someone you believe you could never forgive. Maybe there’s a conversation so tough, youthink it’s impossible to have. Whatever it is that you see as impossible,take a stab at it. Because the truth is, you don’t know until you try.

Make the effort. And regardless of the outcome, make it a habit to give your all and make an attempt towards achieving whatever it is that you want!

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