On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Encouragement with Fallon Paul.

Hello ALL! My name is Fallon Paul. I was born and raised on a small ranch in Northern California’s foothills. That ranch and my family make me who I am today. I would say that was the start of my deep love for all things western culture has to offer: old barns to horses, to leather; to working hard; to creating something from nothing; to caring for the land animals and each other; art to music; love of country; to keep your word; to faith; to sitting down at Grandma’s farm table to share a meal, we all had a part in growing. 

That same table that once served the ranch in my Grandmother’s kitchen now sits in my kitchen. My husband and my three sons sit down at that very same table. The values have stayed with me. I strive to instill all I am and know into my boys. I carry those values into my work. Those values and where I come from led me to become a custom cowboy bootmaker. I have been handcrafting and creating cowboy boots and leather goods for over 12 years. Everything I craft from my own two hands keeps me connected to the culture and values that I treasure. I always strive to create the best I can that serves those around me well, long, and true.

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“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Encouragement gives life, energy, and motivation; you really can’t overdo encouragement. We all need it, and encouragement can make a difference for those around us. One handwritten note, one kind text message, and a quick call of encouragement can all go a long way.

I make it a point, every time I can, to encourage everyone around me. One of the best ways we can encourage others when they are down is by asking “what” questions. When you ask questions that start with what, such as, “What would it take?” You are telling that person they can do it. 

There is opportunity. 

You help them think of their own solutions, which is much more impactful than telling them what you think they should do. As they come up with answers, respond with encouraging words, like, “great job.” It may sound elementary to tell someone they are “fantastic” or “terrific,” but encouraging words are powerful.

Physician George Adams found encouragement so vital to a person’s existence that he called it “oxygen to the soul.” Do you hear that? “Oxygen to the soul.” Oxygen is the difference between life and death, and encouragement could be the difference between life and death: of a dream, a hope, a plan.

Take advantage of every opportunity to encourage someone. Take notice of things you appreciate. Build people up with encouraging words and by asking “what” questions. Extend admiration and appreciation for even the most mundane thing such as “Thank you for getting the mail,” “You made a great dinner,” “Your smile brightened my day,” or “That shirt looks great on you.” Praise a person every time you see any improvement. Again, that is fuel and life to them.

Encouragement has a compounding effect on others and ourselves. When we encourage others, we naturally begin to encourage ourselves. Remember, “Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.” Be generous with your encouragement today!

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