On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses ENTHUSIASM with Tiffany Bizzack.

Tiffany is an experienced and passionate UC Davis trainer with almost two decades of Human Services experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Through her work with UC Davis, Tiffany promotes greatness through empowerment and accountability while supporting the humanity, care, and dignity of the people we work with and work for in our communities. Her highly sought-after workshops are fun, thoughtful, and enlightening. Participants leave feeling inspired to make positive changes in how they work and participate in accomplishing their organizational goals.

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”

 Norman Vincent Peale


During a financially challenging time, I learned a great lesson about enthusiasm and hope. I wrote about my experience, and several years after that time, I was thumbing through an old journal and came across what I had written. I thought about re-writing my experience but felt it would take away from it, so I’ll keep my expressions intact and share with you exactly what I wrote.

“So, I would say in the past year, or so, I have had some tough times financially. I was at my cute little apartment yesterday taking care of my little angel, Jayden. He had surgery that morning when I heard a knock at the door. I went to open it, and it was the PG&E man. I have been behind on my PG&E since December (Christmas lights bill). I pay $100 every month, but apparently, that wasn’t enough to stop PG&E from shutting off my service. He was gracious enough to allow me to call in and make a payment over the phone, which I did right then and prevented it from being shut off. As he was leaving, we were casually talking. After some humorous conversations with Jayden and myself, we got to talking about the economy and real estate. When he found out I was selling real estate, he began in on how horrible it is for realtors making such small commissions, etc. I responded with my typical excitement and enthusiasm about the business, and my outlook was made clear to him. We started talking about the various opportunities in the current market and what was working. As it turns out, he owns dozens of rentals and just bought another. He is looking now for a fourplex! The more we got to talking, he ended up sharing his complimentary discernment of my abilities and gave me his info for me to look for a property for him. 

Long story short, when you develop a genuinely positive outlook, it will shine. It will shine especially bright during the dark times, and as crazy as it sounds- the man that came to shut off my PG&E is now my client. Despite my current financial challenge, it is pretty apparent that it is only a temporary challenge and what I like to think of as a training period.”

Even today, when I read what I wrote, I can remember the way I felt during that time and on that day. I was under much more than financial pressure. My entire life was in upheaval, going through a divorce, uncertain about all I thought I had and knew. My mind and emotions flooded daily with fears, doubts, and worries. I also remember this vein of hope, optimism, and enthusiasm that kept me alive, kept me moving forward, and that is what the PG&E man saw and felt from me. I encourage you today to find your enthusiasm. Find your hope in every situation. You have it. Tap into it and let it flow out of you. Your enthusiasm will create your path from your challenge to your success. I encourage you this week; just know, whatever you are facing, it is temporary. It will pass. You can have enthusiasm and hope in every difficult situation.

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