Get Grounded

It’s Monday, you know how this week has begun for you. You are reading this Monday Motivation, so you have already chosen to invest a few minutes in yourself. This week’s message is going to be quick and insightful. You are going to get grounded, focused, and ready to make this a progressive week. How does that sound?

Here is our quick exercise:

#1- Grab a piece of paper and pen, write down 5 statement of facts. These are just 5 sentences that capture your truths, in this moment. These statement of facts can be as simple as stating the time, stating how you feel, stating where you are. The purpose of doing this is to get you grounded and in alignment with where you are.

#2- Now write down what you desire for today. At the top of your paper write, “TODAY I DESIRE…” Begin writing whatever comes to mind. Have some fun with this. Write down everything you think of. The more you write and the faster you write the better. Just pour out whatever you want for today.

#3- Now fold up your paper and don’t read it until tomorrow.
Tomorrow e-mail me what you discover from this quick exercise. Isn’t this fun!!!

Have a great Monday and an amazing week!!!

Corry Ann March