On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Help with Rick Rummelhart.

Rick Studied Creative Writing and Marketing at San Francisco State University obtaining a bachelor’s degree in both in 1999. Upon graduation he entered the workforce as a sales rep for Valley Yellow Pages, selling advertising services to small and medium sized businesses. That career lasted 22 years taking Rick throughout the state of California as a sales trainer, District Manager, and Area Sales Manager. In 2016, looking to diversify his skill set, Rick opened a candy store in Yuba City called Sawyer’;s Sweet Spot and followed up with a second location in Woodland California in 2018.

Utilizing the professional skills he has gained in the last 22 years of sales management and advertising Rick is looking to open a new business venture this  year called Rickstart Marketing. 

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“Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.”

Booker T. Washington


Create an environment that brings out the best in others. This is certainly easier said than done. However, once you develop the habit of lifting people up and bringing out their best, your world will be transformed. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi. It spells out how you create the environment that helps others be their best. 

People show up in line with the thoughts and emotions we have about them. Our thoughts and our words are not only creating our environment, but they are also creating the environment for those around us. When we think, speak, and expect the best out of others, we make it easy for them to be their best. We set them up for success. The opposite is also true. It works both ways. When we think, speak and expect someone to be rude, grouchy, and uncooperative, that’s exactly how he or she will show up. We set them up for failure. 

Creating an environment for others to be their best can be most challenging for people who have let us down or disappointed us in the past, but those are also the ones you can best serve by expecting and believing in them. Take a moment and write down the name of someone you would like to see in his or her full potential. Now write 10 sentences seeing them at their best. Write down what you will feel when they show up in their full potential. Keep that vision and expect that greatness for that person. That is how you create the environment that will make it easy for them to be their best. You treat them as if they already are. You draw it out of them. 

We are all able to create a positive environment if we choose to make it our priority. Let’s do our part and make it easier for others to be their best and watch how others will do the same for you. This is how we all rise to the top and help each other.

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