Hope that helps & hope that harms

hopeThe other morning I caught myself thinking, “I hope I don’t have to have that conversation.”

Later in the day, as I envisioned a negative outcome to a situation I was dealing with, I had the thought, “I hope that doesn’t happen.”

In the evening, as I lay my head down to sleep and pictured what what tomorrow might bring, I heard the thought, “I hope it doesn’t get that bad,” followed by, “I hope I don’t have to go through that.”

Hope is supposed to be a good thing right? Don’t we encourage others who are down by saying things like, “Don’t lose hope.”

The type of “hope” I was having didn’t feel like a very good thing at all.

Well, not all hope is created equal. There is hope that helps  and there is hope that harms. There is a hope that keeps us in the pits and a hope that helps us get out.

The hope I was describing above are all examples of hope that harms. Truthfully, the thoughts I shared above are not hope-filled thoughts at all, but rather, fear-filled thoughts and they were keeping me stuck in avoidance and dread.

Just because we use the word “hope” doesn’t mean hope is present. And that is what I thought would be useful for us all this week, for us to start the week off by being mindful of the hope that helps and the hope that harms, so we can choose the right hope for us in each situation we encounter.

It all starts by us being able to recognize what we are calling hope and then determine whether or not that “hope” is helping. Let’s expose the hope that harms and lets replace it with the hope that helps.

The hope that harms can be recognized because it keeps us stuck in the same place, avoiding reality, waiting for things to magically improve.  Hope that harms creates dread in us. It does not inspire us to take action. It limits, stifles, suppresses and oppresses.

We can replace the hope that harms with real hope, hope that helps, that encourages, inspires, and uplifts.

hope that energizesHope that helps energizes us. It gives us fuel to face, even the most dreaded situations. It opens our eyes to the possibilities. It encourages to reach out and ask for help.

Hope that helps always grows into a confidence, a belief that we can do it!

We can make the necessary changes and produce improved results.

Hope that helps sounds like this:

  • Maybe there’s a way.
  • There has to be a better way.
  • Anything is possible.
  • There’s a first time for everything.
  • What if I can overcome this?
  • Maybe I can.
  • Maybe I will.
  • I won’t know until I try.
  • It’s never too late.
  • I believe it’s possible!
  • I’m going for it!

Hope that helps is progressive and it’s needed in times of change and challenge.

As you go about your day and your week, watch out for that “hope” that harms by creating dread and avoidance.  Replace it with real hope that helps, creating inspiration and belief that you can do it!

You will overcome! You will succeed! Your best days are still in front of you!

Have a wonderful hope-filled week, using the hope that helps to propel you to new levels at home and at work!

With Love and Volition,