Inspire Others

The news is filled with updates on crimes, traffic jams, and other deflating information. I would like to spread the word and share more stories that bring inspiration and motivation to you. This month’s inspirational happening came from a friend of mine, Kristie Bertolo. The story below demonstrates just how simple and easy it is to impact others. I hope this story will encourage you to spread kindness and patience in every opportunity you have. On the road, at the store, in your home, and everywhere!

As you go about this month, when you come across an inspirational event, send it in, so that we can feature it in an upcoming newsletter.

“On Friday evening I went to an event in San Francisco and they had a free 10 minute massage offered so I signed up. I sat there waiting my turn while many people were frustrated and left or angrily yelled at the girl working there about the wait time (what do you expect for free??). Anyway, I sat there patiently waiting for about 45 minutes (reading emails and catching up on Facebook) and she unexpectedly came up to me and gave me a beautiful turquoise/tiffany blue journal. She said that she wanted to give it to me because I was so nice to her and patient in waiting for my turn so she wanted me to know that she really appreciated that. How nice is that! She really made my day!”