Is this really going to make me happy?

We all have goals and desires, things we want to improve in our lives. Some things are easier to change than others. For the areas that are more difficult to change, sustaining motivation can be a challenge. Heck, finding motivation can be difficult. I’m talking about those areas where we know what to do, but for reasons beyond our understanding we just can’t seem to take consistent action. For areas like this, will power and determination just doesn’t work. It only creates frustration and disappointment. There is another way I have found that works wonders.

It’s a simple strategy that works in even the most difficult areas, whether it be in diet and exercise, financial disciplines, or in improving difficult relationships. Whatever area you are struggling to improve, you can apply this little trick and create desired change. It’s a simple shift of attention, shifting the focus off of what I am trying to accomplish and onto the choice of the moment. I create this shift with the questions, “Is this going to make me happy? How will I feel after?”

You see, normally in the moment when we are being pulled between what sounds good now and what will feel good after, we typically choose what will give us instant gratification, forgetting what it will create long term. It’s like those nights when you are trying to decide between pizza and a movie or going for a run. Honestly, have you ever finished off 5 slices of pizza and said, “I’m so glad I ate that!” No, but how many times have you gone for a run or completed a workout and said, “I’m so glad I did that!” Almost every time I’m sure.

So imagine how much easier it could be to take consistent action towards what you truly want, if you just considered those questions in the moment of decision. “Will this make me happy? How will I feel after?”

By being mindful of those questions you tap into your true desires and into your motivation. You will make better choices that bring you desired change without having to use will power, which can be exhausting. Test it out today. When you feel that tug of war start, pause for a moment and ask, “How is this going to make me feel after? Will this really make me happy?” And know that you will need to ask those questions more than once because the temptation will persist a bit. Just keep asking those questions to keep you on track.

This method is simple and it works because it keeps us accountable to our choices.

Try this out on any area you have been struggling to improve. Shift your attention off of the discipline and onto the choice. Choose what is going to create sustained happiness, sustained enjoyment and the desired outcome.

Have an amazing week and please share with me how you use this little trick to create change in your life!!!

Corry Ann March