It’s game time! 

Yesterday I watched the Broncos play the Forty-Niners. It was almost the end of the third quarter and the Broncos were leading 35 to 10. Since I just recently started referencing their point scoring system in terms of touchdowns, rather than home runs, that might tell you how much I know, or rather don't know, about football.

Because I’m new to following the game, I ask a lot of questions to try and understand what is going. Yesterday, I asked one simple question that inspired me to write this week’s message.

I asked, “Is it possible for the Forty-Niners to make a come back and win the game?”

The answer I received caused me to see that I know more about the game than I thought. The answer I heard spoke to me, not only about the game of football, but any game, including the game of life. The answer I was given was, “It’s possible, but not likely. They don’t have the energy. Look at them.”

I could see it, the lack of energy, due to discouragement and defeat. They were just there, going through the motions. It seemed with every play, the mistakes just increased. I mean these guys are pros. They know how to throw and catch a ball, yet they just couldn’t seem to do the basics, and it ultimately cost them the game.

So, where was their energy? Where was their zest, zeal, and passion for the game? I don’t know where it was, but I do know they did not show up to the game with it. Instead they showed up with disadvantages, discouragements, and doubts.

They had good reason to be discouraged. Many of their key players were out. They had the disadvantage because it was an away game, but their overshadowing doubt- that was something they could have tackled through a strong mental focus and through leadership. Instead, they walked onto the field with a low-grade level of defeat and I did not see anyone step up and provoke inspiration or passion into the team. They endured a great defeat.

This is exactly what can happen to us in the game of life. We have some setbacks, some disadvantages. We experience some discouragement. Doubts come and if we are not prepared to respond with a positive mindset, defeat is inevitable. So, we MUST start the game out prepared to win. We must lead our lives with passion and inspiration.

Here are 4 key tactics to winning any game, including the game of life:

  1. Keep hope as your foundation to win- Holding fast to hope is critical. Hope will cause you to stay curious and allow you to believe winning is possible, even when there are disadvantages.
  2. Grow hope into determination- Fix your mind on success. See it in your minds eye. Let your zeal and passion create a determination to conquer and you will!
  3. Keep a positive, high energy outlook- Positivity creates high energy. Energy fuels you to stay strong in the game. So, keep positive under pressure and remember, a positive mind is a strong mind.
  4. Have fun! I don’t think I saw more than one or two smiles on the Forty-niner’s faces. Smiles, humor, and fun go a long way. They raise your positive energy to new heights. Don’t get too serious because it will rob all the fun.

Let’s make this a great week and show up every morning ready for game day!

With Love and Volition,