Java Detour

I was on the road, headed to meet a client a few hours out of Sacramento. With current traffic conditions, I could tell that I was making perfect timing. I would get to my client’s office with a few extra minutes to park and get settled in before our coaching session. I like it that way, no rushing to be on time.

As I drove along, I saw a sign, “Java Detour.” It was one of those drive through coffee shops and I immediately thought I’d make a quick drive through and indulge my coffee craving. Yum! I could almost taste that first, hot sip of joe!
But something about the name awoke a secondary thought.
“Java Detour”
I then realized that stopping off to grab coffee would be just that…a detour.
It would detour me off of my route and desire for timeliness and excellence. It would come with a price.
Sure, there was a possibility that I could stop off, go through the drive through and still get to my client’s office in the nick of time for our session, but it would cost me some uncertainty, risk and the mild stress that comes with the possibility of being late.
And so I resolved to keep driving ahead, to stay focused on my plan to arrive with time to settle in.
I got to thinking about how that mini experience is so much how life is. We set on the road towards a goal, a destination and in fleeting moments, we get an idea, a detour thought, a detour option, and we so easily slip off course. Some of the most minor detours can take us off course in extreme measures.
In reflection of my life, I can look back and see how some of the biggest failures or pits I have gotten myself into are from these fleeting detour moments, “Java Detours.”  I can also see how some of the minor irritations and minimal disappointments have also been created from “Java Detours,” usually resulting in compromise of high levels of excellence. Not the end of the world, but still not my best.
So since that little experience I have been wide awake, noticing other “Java Detours” popping up in conversations, through e-mail, on Facebook and all around. I’ve committed within myself to develop and sustain the habit of opting out of Java Detours, big and small. I am focused on a life of excellence. I have big dreams, big plans, big goals and I will not grow sleepy and get off track from “Java Detours.”
How about you? What are your “Java Detours?” What are the little things that get you off track, off your road, away from your chosen destination?  Will you remember in those moments to choose to stay on course?
I’m not here to say, “Let’s kill spontaneity.” I value spontaneity, but I am here to say, “Let’s keep our eyes peeled for detours.” Let’s notice them for what they are. Let’s way out the consequences that come with the detours and decide whether or not it’s worth it.
Talk to you next week!
With Love and Volition,