Just Do It

Just start writing, I told myself as I sat at Starbucks for several minutes contemplating what I’d write this week’s Monday Motivation about. I now realize I was totally overthinking it. In the midst of an unproductive brainstorming session with myself, the thought came to me clear as day: “Just start writing.” So I did, and here I am writing this week’s Monday Motivation, with little or no clarity on what I will write about. That, alone, was the hindrance keeping me from starting to write. What I mean by that is the not knowing, the lack of certainty and lack of clarity were preventing me from beginning.

When I write these motivations, I am 100 percent committed that:

No. 1- They must be totally authentic and from the heart.

No. 2- They must be of great value.

The reasons behind these two specific commitments are that, in terms of authenticity, I am sick of fake, marketing, alternative motive stuff coming into my inbox, calling my cell phone or engaging in conversation with me. I feel like we all respect, crave and receive authenticity. Because I place such a high value on authenticity I want to be sure that is what I deliver to you.

And for the second commitment–it being of great value–stems from my pet peeve of wasted time. Time equals life, and time wasted, equals life wasted. I don’t want to waste my life or anyone else’s. So, I put great thought and commitment into delivering what I perceive to be great value and have an unsubscribe button for those whose perspective is different, no hurt feelings on my part. Time is precious.

With that being said, back to the message for this week, as I am writing, the message is surfacing and revealing itself through the writing. The message is “Just Write,” or better yet, thank you Nike, “Just Do It.” What I mean by that is just getting started and taking that first step is often the difference between success and failure. I believe that uncertainty often stops us from taking that first step and getting into action. We wait, research, plan, prepare, or just think and hope. What are we waiting for? We are waiting to see, find and feel certainty. We are waiting to know that when I do XYZ, I will get the goal. But just as I am revealing very transparently through my writing process today, fully exposing my process to you, I tell ya, “You just gotta get started. You just gotta get going. You gotta take that first step.” In the process of action, clarity will be revealed.

Now let’s keep this in context, please. There is a great value and necessity for planning and preparing. I’m not suggesting that we be reckless and irresponsible. Yes, let’s do our initial planning and preparing, but be conscious of when you get to the point where you just got to let go. You just gotta go for it. It’s that tip of the diving board, when you’ve looked down, you see the water, you know it’s there and you know you can swim. You may be scared, you may be nervous, but you gotta jump!

So, as you were reading right now, this message will have a unique meaning for you. And you know what it is. You know exactly where you need to take action right now. You know where you are holding back, waiting for certainty. Well, what is one step, what is that first step you can take to get going, to get into motion? I encourage you, do it! Look what word is inside “encourage.” COURAGE. Take courage, take action, JUST DO IT!

Please share with me what this week’s motivation means to you and how you take courage this week!

Sending you lots of love and courage right now!!!

P.S. Here’s a great quote from Joan Didion, one of my favorite authors. “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”