Key ingredient for improvement

What would you like to get better at? What new skill or topic would you like to learn more about? We should always have at least one area that we are committed to improving. It will most likely be an area that we are struggling in.

For you, it may be finances, parenting, in your marriage, your health, or at work. Whatever area you seek to improve, ask yourself right now, “Am I actively engaged in my improvement or am I hoping it will magically occur?”

The way that we know we are truly committed to improving in an area is that we will be learning NEW things and applying what we are learning.

Learning new things and applying what we are learning can look and feel like this:

  • Mistakes
  • Frustration
  • Failures
  • Disappointments
  • Looking bad
  • Embarrassment
  • Looking incapable
  • Sadness
  • Looking incompetent
  • Humiliation
  • Demonstrating progress
  • Hope
  • Modeling positive change
  • Determination
  • Success
  • Excitement
  • Relief

Are you experiencing any of what I listed above? I hope you are because it will mean that you are on track to growth and learning.

Basically, in the application of our new learnings, we are apt to fail. We will likely make mistakes, causing us to look incapable and even experience embarrassment. However, by being willing to fail and make mistakes, for the sake of learning and growth, we improve!

One quality we must all have if we want to keep on growing and improving is HUMILITY.

Humility gives us the power to admit that we don’t know it all. It gives us the permission to fail and get back up in our efforts of practicing new things.

When we have humility it is impossible for us to be defeated. Growth is certain and tenacity comes naturally. Humility gives us the resilience to overcome anything, within our control and outside of our control.

Humility is so powerful because it prevents us from thinking we are better than others, as we all do from time to time, especially when we are wanting certainty. Better yet, it KEEPS US FROM WANTING TO BE BETTER THAN OTHERS. It allows us to remain focused on what matters. It makes forgiving ourselves and others easy.

I’m talking about this because it’s something I’ve really been noticing in my life, as I seek growth and learning. I’ve been watching my thoughts and my intentions lately, challenging the words that I have spoken and the actions I have taken with questions like, “What impact did you want to have with that statement? Why did you want that impact?” Questioning my intentions helps me see when I have and when I do not have humility leading me.

I have caught myself on numerous occasions, just over the weekend, getting puffed up with thoughts like, “I already know that,” or wondering, “Did he/she see what I did? Did he/she notice what I have?” I caught myself giving advice when it wasn’t asked for, all with the intention of showing the other person what I knew. And what was my motive? It wasn’t humility, that’s for sure.

The reality is, without humility I’m not going to grow, so as I noticed the lack of humility, I chose better responses and better thoughts with each new opportunity. I am training my brain on humility right now. It just takes a little alertness, awareness and curiosity to shift out of pride and into humility.

One of my main motivations to cultivate more humility in my life, in addition to better relationships, is that I want to bring the best out in others. I know that I cannot bring the best out of others by trying to be better than others or by making them small. I can look around me and see- if the people I’m around are getting better and growing, humility is present. If they seem to be staying the same or getting worse, I need to take a look at how I am engaging with them. I mostly could use a does of humility.

As you go through your day and you go through your week, pay attention to your intentions behind what you say and what you do. Are you working towards humility, allowing new learning to unfold for you? Let’s all utilize humility as a key ingredient for growth and improvement. It will better us individually and collectively!

Have a great week, filled with love, humility and TRUE SUCCESS!

With Humility and Volition,