Kicking the surviving habit

The other day I was looking for a book on my book shelf and as I searched and searched for it, I realized that I seriously needed to organize my books. So I spontaneously started the project, on the spot, and it wasn’t too long into the project that I found myself in tears.

What? Sound crazy…let me explain.

I had decided to organize my books by type and as I started making piles for the different types of books I own, I noticed the categories were all some sort of self help, needing to change, striving to create improvement books- all topics of survival.

Here are some of the books that I found in my book shelf:


So, why the tears?

The tears came from a place of awareness, a perspective shift. I was able to see myself from the outside in and I liked what I saw, but I wanted more for myself. I saw a person who has tried really, really hard to improve. I saw a person who has not settled for the disappointments life has given. I saw a person who takes responsibility for mistakes and seeks to improve them. All great things, but with them I also saw the habit of survival at work, the perpetual movement of needing to improve.

I felt so much empathy and compassion for myself. I didn’t feel sorry for myself. It was much more powerful than that. I felt a lot of appreciation for the work I have put into my life and my impact and it was like for the first time ever, I gave myself some understanding. I gave myself a break, a pat on the back. And I also recognized that it was time for me to shift from a place of surviving to a place of thriving.

I recognized that I have been stuck in a surviving habit, never really arriving to that place of thriving. (I’m really not trying to be a poet here)

And that recognition provoked a determination inside of me. I made a decision to kick the habit of surviving and to shift over to the habit of thriving.

With survival there is a constant need to overcome, to change, to improve. There is always a new obstacle to conquer. From a place of thriving, there is abundance. There is joy, sustained success, peace and ease.

This week, I just want to encourage you to watch out for signs of survival in your life. Notice where you are overworking, trying too hard, tolerating, worrying, and compromising enjoyment and ease. Kick that old habit and replace it with the habit of thriving. The shift will take place through self awareness, self acceptance and self compassion.

Let’s have an awesome week of thriving!

With Love and Volition,