On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses LEMONADE with featured guest Erik Sjolie.

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Erik Sjolie brings over a decade of experience in the Financial and Insurance Industry to Sky Insurance. At Sky, Erik is tasked with agency development and growth as well as the development of its agents. With his past experience working at fortune 100 companies like New York Life and MassMutual, he was well equipped to help build Sky into a unique and passionate agency. As a lifelong Placer County resident, Erik feels blessed to be able to work with the people in the community he calls home. He currently resides in Rocklin with two daughters, Morgan and Avery and in his off time, he enjoys playing basketball and softball. He also helps coach youth sports and is an avid San Francisco Giants fan. Erik can be found at and contacted at

“The most important thing in life is not to capitalize on your gains. Any fool can do that. The really important thing is to profit from your losses. That requires intelligence; and it makes the difference between a man of sense and a fool.”

William Bolitho


Every experience we have is an ingredient for success. Looking at problems as opportunities is the perfect environment for creativity to be birthed. Have you ever found yourself exhausted from efforts of eliminating and fixing problems? I have often found myself in this hamster wheel in my efforts to remove problems; it seems the faster I work to conquer them, the faster more problems appear. It’s as if they multiply.

I have since learned a new strategy with problems. I use them for my gain. I make lemonade out of my lemons. In The Power to See it Through, Harry Emerson shares, “There is a Scandinavian saying which some of us might well take as a rallying cry for our lives: ‘The north wind made the Vikings.’ The Vikings didn’t see the wind as an opposing force; they saw it as a source of strength and an endurance-building opportunity.

Where on earth did we get the idea that we need to remove or eliminate opposition and obstacles to obtain happiness and enjoyment? In the absence of difficulty, how would our strength be built? And when we obtain comfort and ease, are we ever really happy anyway?

Instead of trying to get rid of your problems, leverage them to your advantage. It’s a mindset switch from living in defense to living in the offense. Living in defense is exhausting. Change your position and switch to offense. Turn every minus into a positive and make lemonade from life’s sour lemons.

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