Magic or mission?

Life is like a magic show. If that were true, what role would you want to play? Would you want to play the role of an audience member, who is willingly being distracted and tricked into believing something is happening, that in fact is not happening?

One key qualification for the role is to be willing to take your eye off of your unique purpose and craft and allow yourself to be distracted by things unrelated to reality. This role works well for individuals who are afraid to take on their mission, who avoid using their time, effort, and energy into mastering their own unique craft and purpose.

Would you want to play the role of the magician, the person responsible for distracting the audience, deterring them from seeing the truth, keeping them entertained into believing something false, preventing them from developing their own potential and purpose? Qualifications for this role include the enjoyment of controlling others through distractions, doubts, and confusion and the desire to delay or prevent audience member’s personal development. This role works well for individuals who do not want to look in the mirror at their own need for growth, who do not want to step into their unique purpose, but rather prefer to use doubts and criticism to distract their audience members.

I prefer a third role- the role of the observer, the person standing back, fully aware of the magic show, conscious of the distractions and illusions going on, positioned to make empowered choices and to conquer their mission. Key qualifications for this role are the relentless commitment to stay awake, unfaltering determination to develop their craft and unwillingness to engage in distractions and illusions that would pull him/her into the magic show. This role works well for individuals on a mission, committed to their unique purpose and individuals devoted to developing their unique craft, while living in their passion..

So, what do you think? Is life like a magic show? Can you see it in your life? If so, what role are you living in? What role do you want to play?

Do you chose magic or do you chose mission? I chose mission. I will not stay lost in the magic show. I have bigger fish to fry. We all have a mission we can be accomplishing, if we stay out of the distractions of the magic show.

I catch myself daily, unconsciously distracted, as audience member in the magic show of my life. Sometimes, I lose myself in the work of a magician, wasting my resources on entertaining others, rather than on my true calling, my mission, my passion, my purpose, my craft. I know that I am most fulfilled and making the greatest impact when I am engaged in my mission, not lost in the magic show, when I am committed and enthralled in what I was put on this earth to do, my work…my work as a mother, my work as a loving friend to all, my work as an inspirer, a communicator, a lover, a leader, a coach. When I catch myself distracted, I make the necessary adjustments. I step out of the magic show and into personal responsibility, personal leader. I get my focus back on what matters most, my mission, my impact. I reflect on what triggered my distraction, so that I can watch for it happening again and I am back at it!

My message to you this week is simple. Watch out for the magic show in your life. Make a conscious choice of what role you play. You have a unique purpose on this planet. There is a positive impact you are set to make. Use your talents, vision, and energy wisely. Don’t get distracted in things that don’t matter, regardless of how compelling they may be.

Do not tolerate fears or doubts causing you to get off course in your work and purpose.

Instead, use distractions to your advantage. Every thing can be an ingredient in your work. Real leaders create from everything and nothing. Let’s do that this week. No matter what you are facing or what is in your way, use it for positive action, NOT a distraction!

With Love and Volition,