Mind Matters

It has been said many different ways...Your Mind Matters, Attitude is Everything, What you think about-you bring's hard to argue with the fact that mindset is 80% responsible for the results in our lives- the results in our relationships, in our finances, in our happiness, and in every area. This blog, which I am pretty proud of, is a direct result of me choosing to improve my mindset about technology.

During this past June, I found myself complaining a lot of the complications of technology & social media. Like a broken record I heard myself think and wine about my frustrations with technology, “I’m not very tech savvy.” And towards the end of June I thought, “I have had it with this!” I decided that I was going to change the way I looked at technology. I started thinking thoughts and saying things like, “I’m a technology master.” I scheduled a couple Tech Share classes in the office, where we all came together and shared ways we were using technology, and you know what- after saying it long enough, I found myself figuring stuff out more easily and actually making an effort to figure it out before going to find someone to do it for me. Here it is, barely a month later, and I feel much more at ease in figuring out wiggets and twitters and blogs and linking stuff, syncing stuff and all that magic technology does.

I hope this inspires you to put some thought to how your mindset may be affecting areas of your life and remember- WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOU BRING ABOUT…YOUR MIND TRULY DOES MATTER.