Monday Motivation: Possibility


“Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities.”

~Terry Josephson

When an obstacle shows up in your life, the way you look at it will determine what you get from it. Whatever you believe will be your truth. If you believe something is impossible, that will be your truth. It will be impossible. Your mind will hold your belief as factual and will create blinders, limiting you from seeing anything contrary. However, if you believe something is possible your mind will be open and able to see possibilities. You will be able to see opportunities and solutions will show up. Possibility will be your truth.

Most people determine whether or not something is possible by their ability to see “how” it is going to happen. If they can see the “how,” they think it is possible. If they don’t see the “how,” they believe it’s impossible. The need to know “how” creates a far too narrow path for possibilities and solutions. It is simply limiting and it cultivates mediocrity and stagnancy.

So, where are you at today? What obstacle are you faced with and how do you see that challenge? What do you believe about your difficult situation? Recognize that you do not need to know “how” it is going to work out. However, you do need to believe that it is possible.

Test it out. Take notice when you believe something is impossible.  Recognize when your mind shuts down possibility. Then ask yourself, “What if it was possible?” Ponder on that question for a while. Allow possibility thinking to do its work and watch how creativity, opportunity, and expectancy show up. Possibility thinking will carve out a new path that you have not seen before.


Corry Mendoza and Melissa Russiano discuss possibility on today’s Monday Motivation. Melissa is a licensed social worker and her passion is growth and healing through education. She provides online therapy to empower you to be the best, authentic version of you. Find her at