On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Motivation with Brittany O’Neal

Brittany is a nature lover, yogi, deep conversationalist, artist, and entrepreneur. She is focusing on listening to her gut and letting intuition steer her in the direction to learn what fills up her cup. This year she has been testing out her entrepreneurial skills by creating an eco-friendly house cleaning and organizing business called Spruce Up Your Space. She believes it takes a tribe to thrive in this world.

With her gift of maintaining a tidy and organized space, she feels lucky to be accepted into the homes of her clients to help them thrive. To spruce up your home connect with Brittany on her Instagram If you are interested to see her crafty skills check out @naturenutcrafts on Instagram.

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“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar


We have all experienced lack of motivation in one area or another, whether it is in our health, a relationship, or work. Whatever the area, when can we find ourselves saying, “I’m just not that motivated,” please know it can be changed very quickly. It is actually really simple. I have a formula for it, and I’ll share a personal experience in how I use it.

I have not felt very motivated to exercise consistently. My workouts have been sporadic and I have had to use willpower to do what minimal exercise I have done. So, to find motivation, the first thing I will do is find my hope. “How would I like this situation to be? What am I hoping for?” “I hope I will enjoy and want to workout.” 

Hope opens up possibilities. Hope awakens our “want to.” Then I ask more questions to grow my hope into a “want.” “What if I wanted to workout more consistently? What would that feel like? What would that look like? What would it take for me to want to work out consistently?” Just pondering these questions, gives me ideas and grows a vision. Once I start to see the vision of what it will be like and look like when I exercise consistently and enjoy it, I have my vision.I can imagine what it will be like. That gets me excited about it and bam — there’s my MOTIVATION. I want to get into action now from that motivation. See how easy it is.

Now you try it. Use the steps below on any topic that you are lacking motivation for.

1. Choose to hope for whatever you need motivation in. Choose it’s possible.

2 .Find hope. What are you hoping for?

3. Awaken your “want.” What do you want it to be like, look like, and feel like?

4. Grow the vision. Keep writing or thinking about what you want it to be until that vision is crystal clear.

5. MOTIVATION: When the vision is clear, the motivation shows up.

6. ACTION: You will feel compelled to action from your motivation.

If you are lacking motivation in any area of your life, it can be changed, just by believing it is possible, activating your hope, awakening you want to, and igniting your MOTIVATION. It starts with a willingness to hope. Are you willing to hope?

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