Marianne and Corry discuss PERSPECTIVE on today’s Monday Motivation! Marianne Emma Jeff is a best selling author, award winning speaker, and women’s productivity coach. She is also the founder and CEO of The Momentum Squad, a system that turns up the volume on your passion and excitement and look beyond now into what’s next as you think BIG ,start small and own your Momentum with ease, flow and satisfaction, every day! Learn more about Marianne on her website.

“Few people have the imagination for reality.”

~ Goethe
For most of us, we prefer to be in a place of certainty. We like to see where we are going and have assurance that we are going to get there. We want to know who is going with us. Not knowing and not seeing can be a very vulnerable place.Try this quick exercise. Close your eyes and walk around your office or house for a few minutes  doing a routine task. When you do this, you may experience emotions of perplexity and frustration, even though you are in a place of familiarity. Do this same exercise in a place you are not familiar with and the emotions may increase to stress, fear, and anxiety.That’s what it’s like in our lives when we lack vision. Vision can be blurred or lost due to a change that we have initiated or that has been thrown our way. It can feel scary in these places of uncertainty, when our sight is compromised. The normal response to loss of vision is fear and panic, a frantic scurry to get sight back and re-create familiarity. When sight is lost and fear strikes, we often make decisions coming from a fight and flight energy and do things contrary to what our heart is telling us.

So, what can we do in these times of uncertainty, when our vision is blurred and our sight is compromised? How can we best respond when we are feeling frustration, fear, and stress? STOP-pause. Take a moment to access visibility by getting to a higher vantage point where you can see various perspectives. To do this, recognize where you are.Turn your attention inside. What are the thoughts you are having from this current perspective, in the land of the unknown? Physically get up and move to a different place and pretend you are looking at the situation from another point of view, maybe from the point of view of another person, not affected by the situation. What are the thoughts from that perspective? Now try a future perspective, after this time has passed. What would those thoughts be?  Do this with as many different perspectives as you can think of, from a child’s perspective, from your best friend’s perspective. 

By identifying other points of view, you will experience release and the situation won’t seem so tight because you will begin to see other options and other possibilities. The key is to STOP-pause and identify some other perspectives and the realities that are in those different perspectives.

No matter what situation you are in today, wherever your vision may have blurred or have been blinded, you can find a place of improved perspective, if you are willing to step out of your current viewpoint and into alternative viewpoints. Your options and possibilities are limitless, if you will open up to seeing them. I encourage you today to get up and move. Pick 5 or more different perspectives and write about what your situation looks like from those perspectives. Finding other viewpoints, possibilities will unfold.