Picking up the pieces

shutterstock_69073516Children are dreamers and the younger a child is the grander they seem to dream. For most children, they believe anything they can imagine is possible and so, they imagine BIG dreams. They have BIG vision.

They don’t put limits on their dreams, oh no! If they can imagine it, they can obtain it, so the sky is the limit. They don’t get bogged down on logistics or get stuck on trying to figure out how to make it happen. They just dream.

Dreaming is powerful. It unleashes an energy that limitations cannot touch. Dreaming ignites a hope that discouragement cannot penetrate. Dreaming breathes life into our future.

That’s one of the reasons that children don’t give up easily. When they want something, they don’t stop until they get it. Hearing, “no” does not discourage them. Falling down does not stop them. They are relentless in chasing their dreams.

So, how about us adults? Do we still dream like we did as a child? Do we allow dreaming to fuel us forward, achieving new heights year after year?

I don’t know about you, but I found myself dreaming some pretty lame dreams. They were mediocre at best. “Achievable” had become my bar, so I don’t even know if I would call them dreams. I’d set goals, goals that were closer to the line of maintaining the status quo or surviving through a hardship, both killers of real dreams.

“What happened?” I wondered. I used to dream BIG and have BIG vision and now I had no vision.

It didn’t take me long to acknowledge reality. I had experienced the exhaustion of trying and trying without obtaining my dream and worse than that, I had experienced the pain of some broken dreams. Some of my dreams, one in particular, was never going to happen, not in this life and I had been mourning the loss. Time ran out, all my efforts failed, and it was too late. Accepting this, that I was never going to have that dream, at least not in the way that I had imagined it, seemed impossible. It was impossible because I couldn’t stop trying to make it happen, the way that I pictured my dream in my mind.

So, I got stuck between facing my broken dream and trying to dream again. Facing my broken dream only broke my heart more and trying to dream again didn’t work because I couldn’t see beyond the broken pieces without trying to put them back, the way I thought it would be.

I finally realized that I had to stop trying, without giving up and it was through this practice to stop trying, without giving up that I began to dream again.

See it wasn’t the broken dream that was the problem. It was what I was doing this the broken pieces.

Once I stopped trying to put them back the way I thought they should be, a whole new vision began to unfold. I was able to start moving the broken pieces of my old dream into a new masterpiece, a masterpiece that my mind could not imagine while it was fixed on my old dream.

Now, as I move forward I remind myself to keep dreaming because it’s the dreaming that unleashes the energy. It’s the dreaming that ignites the hope. It’s the dreaming that breathes life into my future.

So, how about you? Where are you with your dreaming? Are you still dreaming BIG like you did as a child or have you gravitated, like I did, to boring, limiting dreams that maintain the status quo?  What broken dreams might you be carrying around, trying to put back together? What if you took those pieces and moved them around? Maybe a few of the pieces need to get tossed out and some of the pieces just need to be rearranged.

No matter where you are today, it’s a good reminder for us all to keep dreaming and keep growing our vision for a bright future. I want to encourage you today, if you have a broken dream, get back to dreaming, like a child, like anything is possible, and you will tap into that energy that dreaming brings. You will ignite hope to move you forward. The best days of our lives are still out in front of us, so let’s dream BIG this week. Let’s dream without limits!

With Love and Volition,