On Today’s Monday Motivation, Corry discusses Reflection with Melissa Rawluk.

Melissa Rawluk is a self-growth junky, recovering perfectionist and lover of all things. She finds joy in the little things. Her path has taken her many places and she has found she has a lot to offer. Melissa has a passion for helping people find their passion, their calling, and God. She wants to make a difference by helping you reach the same level of joy and gratitude she has found for herself. 

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“Drawing on our past reflections can fuel our current perspective.”

Corry Mendoza


This is an excerpt from my diary back in 2010. It’s interesting to reflect back on my reflection back then! How our perspective shifts and shapes over the years. I find it helpful to look back on old diary entries and remember who I was back then. Drawing on our past reflections can fuel our current perspective.

December 21, 2010 – The past couple of years have generated both tremendous loss and priceless gain. From March of 2008 and the months following, several major losses affected my world – It began with the loss of my marriage and all that it provided me – the false sense of security of a future, hopes, and dreams, followed with the loss of my sister-in-law and my uncle, the loss of income and career compounded to the loss of all that comforted me. My entire world had crumbled, and I had no vision for my future. The need to care for children kept me focused on survival and gave me the drive to work past it all.

And somehow over the last couple years, despite the losses and disappointments, the pain and uncertainty, as I end this year and reflect, I realize that I have actually gained so much. My heart is strong, rich with hope and gratitude for all that I have gained. What I have gained is priceless and cannot be purchased. It cannot be negotiated because it is free, it is mine, and it has given me true prosperity.

I have gained perspective, awareness, and clarity. I am very certain of who I am, what I deserve, what I want, and I’m confident in my faith. Fear has lost its power over me and my trust in God has given me a peace and a freedom that I have always longed for. And through the losses, I had no other choice but to become conscious of the reality that life is precious and fleeting and there are no guarantees or entitlements. Certain things are permanent. Certain things are out of our control and no matter how hard we try, sometimes it is impossible for us to reverse that which has been done or said. Results and consequences of this sort can either break us down or improve our lives. Overcoming loss and growing from the grief requires both our effort and the touch of God. Sometimes just breathing was my effort, other times reading inspirational books was the effort, other times switching my focus on helping someone else was my effort, sometimes choosing to be grateful for what I did have was the effort. Through the efforts and with God’s “magic wand” I have learned how to accept that which I cannot change, find hope, look on the bright side and grow and learn.

I learned that everything that I really need and everything that actually matters cannot be obtained through effort or purchase. It is just there, free, in me. My life and my existence are where it begins. My loved ones are gifts, gems and precious. I am not entitled to them, and I am not guaranteed to get to keep them, therefore, I must show them my love and enjoy them all I can while they are in my life. Those who we treasure most are the easiest to take for granted the easiest to lose sight of as priorities, if I allow my focus to be distracted on other things. The tragedy in doing that is when the irreplaceable are lost or taken. In keeping this awareness, I am committed to living the rest of my life in simplicity, able to enjoy and love those that matter most. That’s the way to prosperity and true happiness.

I hope this old reflection will inspire you to allow life’s challenges and difficulties to be the ingredients for your growth and wisdom!

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