Monday Motivation with Corry and Jennifer! 
Today, they discuss RESOURCEFULNESS. 

Jennifer Edwards Robinson is a business and leadership advisor working with Fortune 500 companies and boards, equipping them to perform and collaborate optimally when pressure and stress hit. Her clients include top leaders at global companies, including Microsoft, and WeWork. She is a partner at Winning Streak Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund which invests in disruptive technology companies. Jennifer is the author of “Bridge the Gap”. Bridge the Gap is a framework to help you step up and deepen the quality of your relationships, especially in the workplace. Quality communication and collaboration is thelynchpin of success and it begins with you. Her Book “Bridge the Gap” is being published by McGraw-Hill Professional, and scheduled for release on February 22, 2022. You can Pre-order on Amazon at You can find out more about Jennifer at

“He who knows he has enough is rich.”

Tao Te Ching


Lack of money isn’t real. That’s a pretty bold statement to grasp, especially when a financial hardship is present. What I mean by that statement is thinking and believing we don’t have enough money limits us tremendously. The root belief here is, “I need money for…” Is money really the only means of being able to have or do? This way of thinking creates a very narrow reality and shuts down possibilities. It ultimately stops us from doing what we can. The truth is there are endless possibilities when we are open to seeing them and when we let go of the belief that we don’t have enough. 

The belief that we don’t have enough money is a conditioned way of thinking that says we need something outside of ourselves to obtain what we want. It is the ultimate marketing plan causing us to need or want more. 

Have you ever thought, “Once I have more money, I’ll be able to relax,” or “Once I have enough money, I’ll visit another country,” or “Once I have more money, I’ll be more generous,” or “Once I have enough money I’ll have more fun”? 

When you find yourself thinking those thoughts, STOP. Ask yourself, “What can I do now, with what I have and who I am now?” If you are willing to let go of the belief that you need more, you will tap into a creative resource that is full of possibilities. You will connect with others that will want to help and support you. You will have what you desire and more will flow into your life. 

When I was going through one of my worst financial times, I had no steady income. I was a single mom, selling real estate and I was broke. I had depleted my little 401k to ensure I could pay for my rent, gas and groceries. I had always wanted a large kitchen table to have family over for meals, and clearly now wasn’t the time for me to spend money on something like that. One day, I was on a listing appointment and the couple I was meeting with were divorcing and downsizing. In conversation I had briefly complimented their beautiful table. We went on with the paperwork and off I left. The next day I got a call from the woman, saying that she and her husband wanted to give me their table. Oh, my goodness! I was so happy! This table was exactly what I had imagined buying one day. It was dark wood. The design was very simple, elegant and rustic. I knew right there that I was going to be ok. My financial struggles would not limit me from having and doing what I wanted. I knew there were endless possibilities of HOW I would have the life of my dreams. I no longer looked at money as the only means to obtain my heart’s desires. 

So, where are you today? What are you believing is possible or impossible based on your current resources? STOP believing you need something outside of yourself to obtain what you desire. You already have everything you need. Allow your resourcefulness and creativity to produce what you want.

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