Self Talk

Self talk- All day long, you are having a conversation with yourself, whether you know it or not. There is inner dialogue going on and it is either working for you or working against you. Listen to yourself. Hear what thoughts you have. Without intentional programming of your thoughts, they will be on autopilot. A default conversation will be running and depending on what data has been being input, the quality of that dialogue is uncertain.

So, what am I saying? 2 things. #1- watch what you are putting into your mind. Your eyes and ears are the gateway to your soul. Every thing you listen to and watch IS influencing your thought life whether you like it or not. #2- DECIDE TODAY what you will put into your mind. Listen to quality stuff- books on tape, positive & motivational music, and I highly suggest you writing AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirmations can be life changing. Right now, you can write down affirmations for yourself and say them over and over again. Those affirmations can improve your expectations, your emotions, your reactions, your expectancy, and your overall behavior because our thoughts create our emotions. Our emotions create our behaviors, and our behaviors create our current results.

If you want greater results in ANY area of your life….start with your thoughts. Here are some of my affirmations:

I am an effective leader at home and at work.

I am extremely wise.

Every word I speak brings inspiration and clarity.

My life is full of freedom, abundance, and creativity.

I make a difference every day.

I am purposeful and highly successful.

I am a loving and patient mom.

I am a great coach and I have a highly sought after coaching company.

All my relationships are rich in love, respect, and harmony.

I easily manage and grow large sums of money.