Staying Positive Under Pressure- Do not focus on the positive

do not focus on the positiveFocusing on the positive is a great habit to have and will work wonders in most situations.  It is a method to overcoming most adversities and disappointments. It is a healthy way of life for us on most days, but it does not work for all situations.  Sometimes we need alternative methods to overcome.

There are times when the pressure is so intense and the challenges are so overwhelming, that attempting to focus on the positive, can actually defeat us. Focusing on the positive in these types of situations can create avoidance and ultimately crush us.

I’m not talking about the little pressures of life that come to us daily, I’m talking about the intense pressures that come when we are going through a major life event or a long season of loss.

These are the times when we must NOT fix our sights on the positive, but rather open our eyes to embracing the hard truth.

We must be willing to see things in a different light and if we are just focused on the positive, we actually form a blind-spot.

Instead, we must open our eyes to see the things we do not want to see and focus on finding meaning in the loss, in the betrayal, and in the difficulty.

It’s essentially an acceptance strategy. It takes a great amount of courage and grace to be able to do this, without getting crushed. It reminds me of a lyric in that beautiful old hymn “Amazing Grace.”

The lyric says, “I once was lost, but now I see.”

That is what we create when we let go of focusing on the positive; we get new sight and new vision. We open our minds and hearts to learning. We kill ignorance.

With our new sight and new vision we become smarter, more resourceful, and more resilience. We become tough as nails! It helps us find power in powerless situations and empowers us to create from what is available, instead of resenting what’s missing.

For those of you who are in the middle of an overwhelming challenge, I come to you with encouragement. Good can come from this loss, this discouragement, this betrayal. It has the potential to push you to your next level and take you beyond what you thought was possible, and you must be wise in the process.

Under the intense pressure, do not simply focus on the positive. Notice the positive, be grateful for it, but put your focus on the facts. Put your focus on finding meaning and purpose for the pain. Find purpose for the pressure.

Don’t resent or resist the things outside of your control. See them as ingredients for a new recipe, a new possibility.  Do not give up. Stay encouaraged. This too shall pass.

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With Love and Volition,