Strength trainer and endurance builder

Problems are opportunities. Problems create strength training. Problems produce endurance. Problems help us grow. Problems improve our performance. Problems are our friend.

Do you think I am crazy because I love problems? Do you think maybe I am being sarcastic? Keep reading and you will understand my crazy talk. You too may even become a problem fan.

I have spent most of my life, striving to achieve things that will get rid of my problems. I had this pie in the sky vision that once I do “XYZ” I won’t have anymore problems, at least no big ones. Over the last year and a half, I have faced the biggest problems ever, the types of problems I was desperately trying to avoid. I became exhausted and even began to lose hope that I would ever get rid of problems in my life.

I realized that my exhaustion wasn’t as much from my problems, as it was from me trying to get rid of them. I hated problems!

Thankfully, in recent days, as I fully experienced the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I realized that statement is true. The light went on- AHA!!! I need these problems. I need these obstacles. I need these challenges. The very best parts of who I am today are because of the problems I have overcome, not despite them.

All my greatest strengths have been refined and developed “in the fire,” in the problem. Without my problems I wouldn’t have the confidence, clarity, and character that I have today.

I had a paradigm shift about problems. My perspective changed.

Problems cause me to grow.

I am not suggesting that we go around looking for problems or inviting them in. They come to us all on their own. Sometimes we create them and sometimes they just happen to us, but when we embrace them with peace, as an opportunity to create growth and positive change, it is much easier than resenting them.

Think of it like this. Nobody walks into the gym and looks at a treadmill and says, “I hope my heart rate stays down.” Nobody picks up a dumbbell and says, “I hope this isn’t heavy or hard to do.” Nobody lays down on a bench press and says, “I hope this is light and easy.”

No, we walk into the gym to build strength and endurance. We lean into the pain. We go towards the resistance. We choose the heavy weights because we know it is going to make us stronger and better. We want our performance to improve.

Well, that’s how it can be with problems. We can look at them as obstacles or we can look at them as weights. Pick up your problem and knock out a few “curls.” Grab ahold of your problem and punch out a few presses.

As you go about your day and you encounter a problem, connect in on your desire to grow. Remind yourself of you you want to improvement your performance and grab ahold of that problem for what it is, your “weight.” Use it to develop your character and strength.

Have an awesome strength and endurance building week!

With Love and Volition,