Thought Life

Corry and Eileen discuss THOUGHT LIFE on today’s Monday Motivation. Eileen Oldroyd, also known as Green Eileen, is an award winning real estate agent that specializes in smart homes, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and native landscaping. Her clients consider her more than just an agent, she’s a health coach that creates homes that are comfortable, durable and more desirable. Learn more on her website.

“We are not our feelings, We are not our moods, We are not even our thoughts.”

Stephen R. Covey

We are not our thoughts. Thoughts come to us, but they are not always from us. Although we cannot control thoughts coming to us, we can decide what we do with them. It starts by being aware of them. I’ll share with you a personal experience that conveys just how irrational our thoughts can be, if left unchecked. 

It’s actually a little embarrassing, but since I am not my thoughts, I’ll go ahead and share.

I received an email promoting an event. The photo of the keynote speaker captured my attention. Although the speaker was well dressed and had a great smile, it wasn’t her beauty that caught my eye. What intrigued me most was, she had no arms. As I read her bio, I learned she is a pilot, has a black belt in Taekwondo, recently learned how to surf, and is an exceptionally inspiring speaker. 

I initially felt motivated by her story, but that inspiration quickly disappeared. In a split second, I felt discouraged and this shift made me wonder why? When I questioned that discouragement, I realized a fleeting thought had created the change in my mood. The thought was so quick and quiet, “You will never be that inspirational because you have arms.” Now that is just outright ridiculous. When I realized my thought was irrational I, literally, laughed out loud. 

I had an irrational thought, but no more irrational than any other limiting belief that stops us from taking action on a dream. “I don’t have an education, I’m too old, I’m too young, I don’t have enough money, I have too much money, I don’t have enough experience, my upbringing was too sheltered, my upbringing was too dysfunctional”… the list goes on. Whatever thoughts you have heard as to why you can’t be, do, or have, just know, they are just thoughts. They are not you. You get to decide what you do with your thoughts!

 Keep your thought life in check and choose what thoughts you will believe.