What are you looking for?

Whatever you look for, you will find, so be deliberate in what you look for. There are plenty of examples I can share with you on how what we look for impacts our results. I could use examples in business or in real estate, but I am going to use an example that matters most to me.

I am in my second marriage and we we are all pretty aware of the published divorce rates. Divorce rates are talked about on the news, published in magazines and all over the media. Most research reveals a divorce rate for a first marriage to be around 50% and a second marriage to be closer to 70%. If I were looking for reasons why my marriage with Stephen could fail, I could easily find them. I could easily build a case around it and follow the path of least resistance.

Instead, I am very conscious of looking for reasons, data, and education on how second marriages succeed. Do you know what I find? I continually learn, discover and find reasons why second marriages thrive. In finding those things, I create success. I create what I want, a thriving marriage.

By choosing what we are looking for, in any area of our lives, we can create exactly what we want. We can do this in our finances, in our work, in our health, and in our relationships.

Take a moment right now and consider an area in your life that you really want to improve or change. It may be an area you have struggled with for some time or it may be something new. Ask yourself, “What am I looking for?” Get honest with yourself, are you looking for reasons why you can fail or are you looking for reasons why you can succeed?

Now choose to be deliberate in looking for reasons, data, and education on why you can succeed. Sustain this choice with a constant reminder that you will find whatever you are looking for. Watch what you create in the simple decision to choose what you look for.

Have a great week, deliberate in your thoughts and deliberate in your actions.

Corry Ann March