What have you done well?

This morning, after I dropped my kids off at school, I noticed I was feeling a bit down. Now I know emotions are generated from thoughts, so I listened to the auto-pilot thoughts going on very quietly in my mind, and they were all thoughts of how I have fallen short as a mother.

The critical part of my mind was reminding me of all the things I wished I had done differently and those thoughts lead to worry about the future, their future- next week, next month, next year and when my children are adults. Within a matter of minutes my subtle mood of heaviness had grown to guilt, fear, and worry.

Now, I know you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. You probably maintain a positive mindset all the time, never rehearsing your failures. But, if you are anything like me and you do experience similar thoughts, I’d love to share with you how I overcome them.

I have a great little habit that I do when I notice the negative thoughts affecting my outlook. I write. I ask myself, ”What have I done well?” and I just write and write, reminding myself of all the ways I have done well and that process usually puts me in a more positive perspective, allowing me to accept the challenge to continue to improve, without that heavy load of guilt from my short comings.

We all have an inner critic, a voice inside of us that points out what we are doing wrong, where we are falling short, and what we have neglected to achieve. It’s a part of us that is never going to go away completely and it does serve a purpose at times, so it’s important that we also listen to the part of our self that reminds us of our accomplishments, of our wins, and of our strengths, so that we we don’t get stuck in our inner critcism.

So, what area do you want to improve? What area do you notice your mistakes more frequently than your achievements? An easy way to identify that area is if you experience guilt or worry about it. It may be in your parenting, in a relationship, with your finances, in your health, your work…whatever area you want to improve, take a minute now to build up your confidence by making a list of, “What have I done well?” Notice how you feel before and after making that list.

Keep reminding yourself of how great you have already done and it will fuel you to continue to improve. With the appreciation you create in what you have already done, you will continue to rise higher and higher and go beyond what you thought possible!

Let’s make this a great week with an abundance of self appreciation! After all, self appreciation allows us to give more to others and to continue to improve.

With Love and Volition,